About This Month’s Missions Challenge

October’s Mission Challenge Offering goes to the Mustard Seed’s Hope Ministries and will be used to assist the Brown Bag Ministry. We hand out a brown bag sack lunch on Saturdays after the free hot lunch at the Mustard Seed. This is to help bridge the gap for our clients when there is no hot meal served anywhere in town on Sundays. This ministry fills a unique gap and has helped to build relationships with the community that we serve. For Questions, contact Chet or Karyl Suiter

How can you volunteer with the Mustard Seed’s Hope Ministries?

You can help prepare bags, donate financially, donate food items, or help hand the bag out on Saturdays. The bags are giving out to people in need in the Magic Valley.

What sermon series helped start the Mustard Seed’s Hope Ministries?

Jesus and the Justice League

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