TFRC is sending another group of volunteers with Dan & Cathleen Thom to the Akha Outreach Foundation in February 2019. Check back here for updates on the amazing work the team is taking part in.

Friday 2/22 birthday party

In the evening, everyone went to the church building for a HUGE birthday party, 40 kids were honored. This is because there will be a 2 month break, so those who have birthdays in March and April were included.
Started with praise and worship, then some testimonies and then each recipient was called to the front and given a cake.
Then we sang ‘happy birthday’ about 10 times very, very loudly.
We felt so honored to be a part of this.
After all the cake was passed out, we were outside with glow toys we brought along.
Everyone had a good time.


Friday 2/22 work/play day

The team breaks up today in the morning. Those who have been to see the elephants stay and work on cleaning the BIG event center readying it for tonight’s birthday bash.
The rest of us take a boat ride to see the elephants. About a 50 minute ride up the river.
All of us have a 1/2 hour ride on the elephants. Amazing!
Afternoon some more work projects and crafts with the kids.
Love to all !!


Thursday 2/21 work day

Another work day:
The first wardrobe/locker is assembled, now the next ones will go quicker.
Finish painting the triplex.
Painting the other basketball standard.
Install the new painted boards on the basketball standard.
Clean in the event center for a big night on Friday.