Midweek Recharge is TFRC's Wednesday night take on Faith, Friendship and Fun! Family dinner is served from 6 to 6:45 (donations are welcomed), and programs run from 7 to 8:15.

Midweek Recharge returns September 11!

Don't miss our special Midweek Recharge kickoff event on Wednesday night, September 5! Join us for a BBQ on the playground at 6:00 pm, groups will meet at 7:00 pm.

Recharge Kids

Kids programming starts at 7:00 in the west building. Click below for more information.

Open Circles

Open Circles are perfect for those looking to get connected to the TFRC community, and for busy families trying to find time to build friendships in faith. The goal of Open Circles is to create groups of people who may be looking to get connected, or are too busy to be a part of a traditional Bible study.

Expedition Marriage

No matter the current state of your marriage, this group is designed to make your marriage stronger. This group uses the material "Love and Respect" to help you better relate to your spouse and build support and fellowship with other married couples. At the end of the semester, this group will go on a "Marriage Expedition" - a fun getaway that will challenge you as a couple to work together through obstacles, solidify the new understanding of your sacred relationship, and grow you as partners in marriage.

Rise and Fall of Israel

The Exodus is to the Old Testament what Jesus' death and resurrection are to the New Testament. It is the foundational event for the Israelites. In this study, we will discover things like:

    • What was God up to in each of the ten plagues?
    • Out of the 613 commandments, why did certain commands make the Ten Commandments list?

Come and see how this book impacts and shapes our faith in Jesus. Led by Pastor Chuck.

Study Groups

Financial Peace University

fpu_logoDave Ramsey, with wit and humor, will help you discover how to get out of the debt trap and stay that way! Develop a budget you can really use and understand. Learn to communicate with your spouse about finances. Brighten your financial future! Subsidized cost for materials is $50. This class meets at 6:45 starting September 18 and meets in room 212.

Find out more at the Financial Peace website.