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Current Sermon Series: Nickeled and Dimed

It's easy to feel nickeled and dimed these days. We are bombarded with constant requests to donate our hard-earned cash to endless good causes--our faith included! But what if our finances could actually be a powerful way to encounter our faith?

Starting March 1: I Quit At Leviticus

If you've ever tried to read through the Bible in a year and failed, there's a good chance you quit at Leviticus! It's hard to read. It talks about sacrifices we don't do anymore, laws that seem irrelevant, and a priesthood that no longer exists. Yet, it is a book that has much to say to our contemporary lives. Leviticus is a book that begins to bring order to a people who have only experienced the chaos of slavery. God has set them free; now what? For those of us who believe in Jesus, we have been set free - yet we live in a world of chaos. Many times our personal lives are full of chaos. Come and hear how the God who saves us wants to bring order to our lives.