Dear members and friends of TFRC,

Recently, after prayerful consideration I shared with our staff and consistory my decision to retire at the end of August and I am sharing that decision with all of you as well. God has certainly been gracious to myself, Lori, our kids, and grandkids in allowing us to do ministry together for more than thirty three years at TFRC. Now we’re excited to see what God has in store for us in this next phase of our lives.

Certainly I’ll have opportunities to express my gratitude elsewhere both publicly and privately, but I want to share here what a privilege it has been to walk with you through so many great seasons of ministry at TFRC. It has been an honor to journey with you through your many  personal joys and sorrows as well. Those memories will always be cherished.

Lori and I will be retiring in Twin Falls to remain close to our kids and grandkids. We’ll certainly be seeking new opportunities to serve the kingdom cause in the years to come. Our classis understandably recommends that a retired pastor residing in the same city not attend the church they previously served for a year or two. This step helps establish a smooth pastoral transition. That being said, we’ll certainly continue to maintain the friendships we’ve built through the years.

I’m personally grateful for our dynamic TFRC staff and the leadership of the consistory. They will provide great stability and continuity during the next months as we begin the search for a new lead pastor.

Please keep this entire transitional process in your prayers as we move forward seeking God’s will for the future at TFRC.

In Christ,

Pastor Brian