Our Missions Director, Kristy Pickett, recently returned after being diagnosed and treated for Leukemia. Watch her amazing testimony as TFRC welcomed her back with open arms!

Missions at TFRC

We invite you to join us as we support mission organizations throughout our nation and in the world. Among the missions we support you find missionaries from the Reformed Church in America (RCA) and other missionaries from many other organizations. We have a Mission Team that prayerfully and strategically considers all mission opportunities.

Our current mission strategy has a biblical foundation formed from Acts 1:8.  “...you will be my witness in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Jerusalem ⇒ local, Magic Valley

Judea ⇒ Northwest USA

Samaria ⇒ USA

...the ends of the earth ⇒ Global

We have missions in each of these areas in order to have a greater impact, pouring energy and resources into the communities and being Jesus's hands and feet to the world. We support these missions through prayer, a monthly special offering on the third Sunday of each month, and a variety of short-term mission trips, regionally and abroad.  We have opportunities for everyone, so please prayerfully consider partnering with us to help us continue expanding our mission efforts.

We invite you to be introduced to these kingdoms servants by clicking on the map below. By clicking you will be transported to a full screen version of a world map. The crosses represent missions we partner alongside.  Clicking on a cross will take you to all information and updates for that mission.  Some crosses represent multiple missions. Once you are ready to return to the world map, on the top left corner is a small picture of the world map.  Just click it and you will return to the world map, where you can keep exploring!