McKallies’s Home of Future and Hope is a non-denominational Christian children’s village working to alleviate the suffering of orphans and vulnerable children brought on by the poverty of HIV/AIDS crisis in Malawi, Africa.

McKallies’ Home utilizes the children’s village concept by where children in need are placed and live in our homes governed by a house mother and or parents, building families and long lasting relationships. They have opportunity to grow with love, respect and security. They learn, share responsibilities and experience the joys and sorrows of daily living. These family homes together create a supportive village environment creating lifelong ties. It is our hope to provide physical, spiritual and emotional care along with educational opportunities to Malawi’s orphaned and vulnerable children.

Did You Know?

McKallie’s Home of Future and Hope is a refuge to surround villages. Currently many village based orphans and vulnerables attend the school each day receiving a nutritious meal. For some this is their only meal of the day.

How many children are still in need of sponsorship?

McKallie’s Home of Future and Hope needs 20 children sponsored. You can step in and provide that need at

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