TFRC is sending another group of volunteers with Dan & Cathleen Thom to the Akha Outreach Foundation in February 2019. Check back here for updates on the amazing work the team is taking part in.

Thursday 2/28 Travel Day

We leave Chiangrai today by bus heading for Chiangmai.
This is bittersweet as we are anxious to get home but want to be with our new friends at AOF.


Wednesday 2/27 Last Day

This is the last day at the foundation.
We started with devotions, as normal, however today there was a strong spirit of sharing. Lots of great words of encouragement followed by many prayers of praise and petitions.

Some of us first-timers did some more sightseeing, to the White Temple (of Buddha). This was quite unique, but mostly a very dark feeling.

Back to the foundation to get the others and off to the Singha Park for a very nice lunch on a beautiful setting.

A little bit of work was done assembling a shoe rack and power washing the church steps.
There was also a time of crafts.

The day finished with a gathering of all the kids, staff and TFRC team for a powerful time of worship and special presentations by each age group.
The AOF staff expressed their appreciation followed by giving of gifts to the TFRC team.
The TFRC team expressed our feelings and gratefulness to the AOF staff and kids.


Tuesday 2/26 Queen’s villa pics

No photos were allowed taken inside.


Tuesday 2/26 Work and Sightseeing

Some that had previously seen the sights stayed back and continued working while the first-timers went out.
We went to the Queen’s gardens and villa and then to the Opium Museum and then to the Golden Triangle, this is where the 3 countries of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos come together.