Midweek Recharge is TFRC's Wednesday night take on Faith, Friendship and Fun! Programs run from 7 to 8:15.

Recharge Kids

Kids programming starts at 7:00 in the west building. Click below for more information.

Open Circles

Open Circles are perfect for those looking to get connected to the TFRC community, and for busy families trying to find time to build friendships in faith. The goal of Open Circles is to create groups of people who may be looking to get connected, or are too busy to be a part of a traditional Bible study.

Jesus: An Exclusive View

The Gospel of John offers a unique view of the life and ministry of Jesus. Regardless of what one knew of Scripture, John sought to convince the world that Jesus was their Savior. As we go through the Gospel, we will see how John effectively told a diverse audience how Jesus could change their lives 2000 years ago as well as how it tells us the same message today. This study will be available both in person (social hall) and online.

Led by Pastor Chuck on Wednesday nights from 7-8:15pm. Begins September 15th.

Brad Gray Bible Study

Does reading the Bible feel more like a chore than an adventure? Do you ever wonder if you’re missing out on what the Bible is saying? Do you struggle to find relevance in what you’re reading? The Bible was written for real people in real places in real situations at real times, yet most of us don’t take into consideration the Bible’s context. The Bibles is an ancient text that needs to be engaged on its own terms. We need to read and interpret the Bible through the lens of its original context. Come join us as we unpack the Bible in its original context with a video series by Bible teacher, Brad Gray.

Facilitated by Lance & Chrissy Griff on Wednesday nights from 7-8:15 PM. Begins September 29th
Questions? Call Lance at 208-308-7581.