The divisions in our culture are deepening; sexuality, gender, abortion, guns, racism, immigration, global warming… the list goes on and on. As Christians we hold Biblical moral values which guide how we should live as followers of Christ. As Americans we debate political views which guide what is legal in our society (and how the government uses its power). On top of that we have family, friends, and neighbors who hold different views from us (both moral and political). How do we maintain our Biblical values in a pluralistic society? How should our faith shape our political views (or should they)? How do we maintain relationships with those living with values contrary to our understanding of Scripture? We will study Scripture, seek the leading of the Spirit, and discern together how to navigate some of these challenges set before us. All the while, believing that God has a plan for us in what He is up to in our world. Led by Pastor Chuck.

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Sunday Services

9:00 • 10:30