Every parent has hopeful intentions as to how they will parent their children. However, every parent also knows that parenting does not come with an instruction manual, and surely is not one-size fits all. So how are parents to respond when the playbook is thrown out the window? Intentional Parenting is not a guaranteed road map to outstanding parenting, but it does provide 10 actionable steps parents can take in order to stand-out from the quick-fix attitude parents so easily slip into. Intentional Parenting’s 10 ways to exceptional parenting will guide parents in how to approach their own lives, as well as their children’s in order to positively influence and shape their future. We will meet for six sessions during Wednesday night Recharge throughout the fall semester: Sept. 14th & 18th, Oct. 12th & 19th, Nov. 9th, and Dec. 7th. Workbooks will be distributed at the first session.

For more information, please contact Pastor Devon at (208) 733-6128, x103 or devon@tfrc.org.

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